Ravens vs Vikings Watch 5/5 (1)

Ravens vs Vikings Watch the Chicago Bears look as if they are committing to Mitchell Trubisky a little early as their quarterback of the future, and after a debut in which he was not necessarily all that productive, he comes into Sunday’s matchup against the Baltimore Ravens to make his first road start. The game kicks off at 1 PM ET on Sunday at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore, and while Fox Network is televising it on a regional basis, BetAnySports customers will have the opportunity to place wagers in real time with Live Betting Ultra.

Ravens vs Vikings Watch

The Bears had to make a move after Mike Glennon was way too erratic, and they hope that Trubisky could inject some energy into the situation. He threw for 122 yards against the Minnesota Vikings last week, so obviously the jury is out. But it gives Bears’ fans hope, and that might be the most important thing right now. This team has captured only one victory – but it was an overtime win at Pittsburgh, which is tied with Baltimore at the moment for the division lead. The AFC North might not be at its strongest right now, but the Ravens have played shutdown defense in their three victories, allowing a total 17 points. The problem is that they have been blown out in their two losses, and Joe Flacco has struggled to get the ball down the field.

Most of the time in this space, I’ll start my weekly preview with some sort of gimmicky theme. This year alone, I have began my articles with Shakespeare, video games, Choose Your Own Adventure, a Jay-Z song parody, and references to 43 different Tom Petty songs.

Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately depending on how you view my silly introductions), there is no time for that this week. There is simply too much going on in the world of the Minnesota Vikings for such long-winded nonsense!

Most of the talk for the past few days has revolved around Aaron Rodgers breaking his collarbone after Anthony Barr hit him on Sunday. If you’re a Packers fan or Mike McCarthy, the hit was late and unnecessary and illegal and very bad. If you’re a national news outlet that covers football, the hit irrevocably changed the entire landscape of the NFL and we’ll never be the same again because Rodgers makes each of our lives better every day like that dog in the State Farm commercial. If you’re a logical person, the hit was 100% within the rules and the injury was an unfortunate side effect of an inherently violent game.

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