Jets vs Dolphins Watch 5/5 (2)

Jets vs Dolphins Watch Looking for a live stream of Sunday’s Week 9 matchup between the New York Jets and Miami Dolphins? Your options are fairly limited and dependent on whether or not the game is in your local TV market and whether you’re a Verizon Wireless customer.This is a huge game for the Jets, for a variety of reasons. For one, it will test their mettle. We’ll all see how they can bounce back from an emotional, heart-breaking loss to the Patriots. Did that crush them? Or can they show some resiliency? Maybe more to the big-picture point, this could be the Jets’

Jets vs Dolphins Watch

After this game against a flawed Dolphins team that they already beat, their next six games include five against the Falcons, Bucs, Panthers and Chiefs. That’s a Murderers’ Row. So if they lose to the Dolphins and fall to 3-4 there may be no recovering. But if they win and go to 4-3, they’re staring at a .500 record (at least) at the halfway point and potentially being over .500 through their ninth game (at home on a Thursday night against the Bills). Things may go awry after that, but this win sets them up to have at least a chance in the second half of the season. And who would’ve ever dreamed that

Kickoff is at 1 p.m. ET and will be broadcast on CBS. You can click here for a complete coverage map to find out if the game is being televised in your market, and you can use that information in the following rundown to learn how to watch a live stream:Streaming of in-market Sunday games on smartphones is only available to Verizon wireless customers, who can watch for free via the NFL Mobile App or the go90 app. Both apps are free to download. You can download the go90 app here. You can also download the NFL mobile app in the following locations:

The Jets held this powerful running back to 16 yards on 11 carries in their 20-6 win over the Dolphins back in Week 3. That’s a masterful job, especially considering half of his yards came on one carry. It was obviously his worst game of the season. He’s since rebounded with 77 tough yards against the Titans and 130 against the Falcons in the last two weeks. Can they contain him again? If they do, and they can force Jay Cutler to throw 44 passes like he did in the first meeting, the Jets should win again. If Ajayi gets on a roll, though, the Jets’ task will become much harder.

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